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"WHOA!!!! This really easy easy and yet very delicious food :) I watched your video almost everyday. I'm not a good cooker but I loved to cook and invent sometimes :]) It was kinda fun en I enjoy :D I made this today's dinner, I just finished cooking when he arrived from work. I did't taste it, his the one who taste it first. And guest what ___??? awesome! he really really LOVES IT! I'm so happy.. Before I make kimchi jjigae, kongnamul muchim and dried anchovy.. HE REALLY LIKE IT :]) I'm really happy because it was my first time to cook korean food. I'm a filipina almost 3mos. now here in korea, and married to a very good korean man :) he is good in making and designing cake he had two licenses and many certificate and have his own bakery shop. He graduated in Baking.. But, his employed at the government :D hihihi .. thanks maangchi for inspiring us :) God Bless! mwuaapz I take pictures and post it to my new tumblr account :)"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — Jul/12