Kikallez's comments

"Hi there Maangchi! Making your dish again tonight. Wanted to add that in addition to making these with butter lettuce leaves as a wrap or lettuce scoop we add toasted cashews for a nice little crunch!"
in Sweet potato rice (Goguma-bap) — Aug/14

"This has become a weekly favorite. I thought you and others would like to know that we eat this as a lettuce wrap now. This has become comfort food for us in the bitter cold Minnesota winter. Thanks again!"
in Sweet potato rice (Goguma-bap) — Feb/14

"Fun video. We just made this and it is delicious. Thanks Maangchi!"
in Ppopgi (Old-fashioned sugar candy) — Jan/14

"This was an absolute success! Worked great in my Vitaclay rice cooker....which sorta disappointed me as it makes it harder to argue the case that I now need an authentic Korean stone pot! My husband gave it his highest compliment "remember this one, I'd like it again.""
in Sweet potato rice (Goguma-bap) — Jan/14

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Guess what we are having for supper? I will have to use my Vitaclay or enameled cast iron pot until I can get my hands on a Korean stone pot. After becoming vegan we are experimenting with many cultural foods. May have to stick with Korean for a long while. This recipe appears to ring all the bells of color and flavor and fun to cook. I am so happy to find maangchi site....hubby is, too!"
in Sweet potato rice (Goguma-bap) — Jan/14