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"As a westerner I really have no idea what to expect from a fluffy rice cake like these. I love cooking and jump to try all your Korean recipes but baking sweets always scares me (even western types). Your mujigaeddeok video was so beautiful and now this one!!! Maybe I will buy some home-made mujigaeddeok from the Korean grocery store near me and try this taste and texture before making my own?"
in White steamed rice cake (Baekseolgi-tteok) — Oct/12

"Oh wow good idea! miyeok kimbap is something I will try soon!"
in Sautéed sea plant (Miyeokjulgi-bokkeum) — Jan/12

"Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful ingredients. Sometimes the problem here is not just access to Korean ingredients but their price. I cant always afford to buy expensive imported things just to try them in one recipe. If I win and try these special items I will then be more likely to purchase them in the future if I enjoy the taste! Thanks again."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"“Would you like cup of tea of coffee?” lol you must be busy you arent even checking your blogs for mistakes before posting? so did you have tea OR coffee? :)"
in Gapshida! Packing, preparing, & flying to the UK — Oct/11

"You say you are cooking the egg "Sunny Side Up" but then you flip it. Isnt this an over easy egg then? Maybe a "Sunny Side Down"? Either way I love the recipe and will have to try it soon. That simple sauce you make is one of my favorites to have with rice now. Even if I can never find the correct green chili peppers!"
in Kongnamulbap (Soybean sprouts bibimbap) — Sep/11

"Oh wow! This is my kind of meal, I will make sure to cook this up soon. Where did you get your new (new to me, at least I dont remember it?) wok pan thingy? And does it have a special name? It looks really good compared to my cheap flat bottomed wok."
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"I'm a honest and upstanding citizen but I want to eat some of this “hooligan” cheese. hah! I'll have to head to the local farmers market here this week and find some cheese vendor."
in Heirloom tomato & Hooligan cheese platter — Sep/11

"Around the World in 80 Meals"
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"I've been dying to make this since you posted it. Maybe even before since you teased us on Facebook saying you were going to make it a week before the YouTube Creators Camp! I have no electric or manual ice shaver though! I bought the red beans today so I will just make the beans up and then get vanilla ice cream and some bananas! Not traditional but I'm just excited because I love sweet red beans!"
in Patbingsu (Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit) — Jun/11

"Mmmm those red beans look so good! They will make a nice treat on a hot day! Enjoy your Camp :) Soak up as much information as your beans soaked up water!"
in Going to YouTube Nextup Creator Camp — May/11

"Good luck Jamie! Fighting!"
in Let’s send Jamie Frater to Korea! — May/11

"Ah. Chives leaves are hollow! Only Garlic or Chinese Chives are flat leaf. More confused than ever. What does the flower look like when these "wild onions" mature?"
in Wild green onion pancake — Mar/11

"These look like "Chives" yes? Same plant or different?"
in Wild green onion pancake — Mar/11

"The Star-shaped kimbap is made normally but placed into a sort of "frame" that you press down and it shapes the log into a star. Its very beautiful but takes a lot of practice because when you press the frame it can cause the kimbap to burst!"
in Tuna gimbap — Mar/11

"Emergency Kimchi? More like Best Kimchi! amiright?"
in Emergency Kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi) — Mar/11