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"Hi Maangchi Shi! Someone just sent me a huge box of 더덕...what can I do with it? Could I use this recipe?"
in Doraji-muchim (Spicy bellflower root side dish) — Sep/12

"Dear Maangchi Nim, This looks delicious and I will try it tonight! I just want to thank-you for saving my marriage! LOL! husband is Korean, I am Canadian. For the past 4 years I have been attempting again and again various Korean recipes to no avail! My husband jsut resigned himself to the fact that he would never have delicious Korean food cooked in the home for the rest of his life. Well, that was until I found YOU! Every single recipe I have made if yours has turned out not only good, but excellent!! Perhaps my persistence has also paid off, but I have to say, your measurements, your instructions are nothing short of perfect! I'm so happy and excited to cook the food our whole family loves!! Kumasimida Unni!!!"
in Squid soup (Ojingeo-guk) — Sep/12