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"Hi Maangchi!, I’m so excited to have found your site! My family has always loved Korean food and my parents know how to make several dishes, and have passed the knowledge down to me, but it’s so cool that through your site I’m going to be able to expand on that! Do have a quick question, I went to start making kimchi and realized that my red pepper flakes aren’t where I thought they were and I can’t find them (have moved twice in 6 months so I have a feeling I’m not going to find it either). Not going to be able to get to the store that will carry them until tomorrow. I have already salted and washed my cabbage. Is there any specific way that I should store the cabbage until tomorrow when I can complete the process? Thanks so much,"
in Cold noodle soup made with radish water kimchi (Dongchimi-guksu) — Jun/12