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"Next time come to Hamburg,Germany aswell....:D"
in Gapshida Amsterdam — Nov/11

"Its been quite some time since I started watching your videos. I think I watched all of them at least 5 times and they never get old.... they all look so delicious and I really want to cook them so badly.... In my case there are some asian stores, but they mostly sell japanese, thai and vietnamese ingedrients. Its so hard to get propper Sesameoil or Korean Pepper Paste. And if you get them they will be super super expensive.... which is so sad, because I want to cook korean so often. By the way,its so cool from you and CJ to give those ingedrients to 20! lucky winners.... Last year me and my sister made sushi at silvester, but this time (if I would win) I would cook some super delicious korean food for my family, and show them how yummy it is.!!!!!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11