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"Hi Maangchi. 질문이 있는데... 제가 사는 근처에 빵집 많아요. 빵집에 갈때마다 그 옥수수빵만 사서 먹어요. 근데 제가 기억하는 옥수수 빵은 더 딱딱하니까... 어떻게 딱딱하게 만들지 아세요? 그냥 더 구우면 되나요? 감사합니다!"
in Cornbread — Apr/15

"Hi maangchi! I had a question about the 엿기름가루 and I was wondering if you can reuse it after making 식혜? Are you able to make a second batch of 식혜 with it? Or can you use the leftover with some other recipe? I feel weird just throwing away the 엿기름가루 xD I guess it's because I was always taught not to waste :o"
in Barley malt powder (Yeotgireum-garu) — Apr/10

"hey man! i'm in UCD too! where do u usually buy ur ingredients o.o! Do you go to koreana plaza? xD I have similar story to yours too! my friends don't really care what it is, they're amazed that I make Krn food xD Usually, when they think of a krn guy, they go SOJU and SAMGYUPSAL! LOL hey, you should hit me up sometime!"
in Alex — Apr/10

"질문이 있어요. Whenever I make anything with potatoes like the two dishes you listed, my potatos always come out mushy on the sides. I try to fry it a little longer but it doesn't look as firm as yours. 어떻게 할까요?"
in Potato & soy sauce side dish (Gamjajorim) — Jan/10

"Hi everyone! My experience with sesame oil is that the Korean one is better. I think it's because we use it more often so better sesame oil is in demand... But usually the Korean one seems to be more appetizing. My housemate said the same thing. It's probably because it has a stronger scent than the Japanese one? How you can tell is if you make stir fry and add the sesame oil, you will notice that the Korean one is the one that makes you want to eat it all~ Try it sometime, and you might get the same result. I use the traditional one (like the last picture in maangchi's list) and my housemate uses something called 고소한 참기름."
in Toasted sesame oil (Chamgireum) — Jan/10