KoreanKraut's comments

"Maangchi, I followed your recipe, and was rewarded with the sweet sweet taste I remember from my youth. It is amazing how a smell or taste can take you back so many years, for me about 45 years, since I was able to enjoy that sweet briny taste. I have posted before, and once again Thank You for what you do. My mother passed away when I was young and I lost those wonderful smells, and tastes when she went. Today and through your recipes I can re-live those lost memories and enjoy such a re-birth of my heritage thru the delicious Korean cuisine. Thank you once again. Korean Kraut P.S. Some day I'll have to come to NYC to meet you, it would be a pleasure."
in Dongchimi (radish water kimchi) — Sep/14

"Maangchi, I made your version of Kimchi and found it to be "sweeter" yet still sour, and a brighter flavor than the recipe i had been using. Which did not include the porridge. I highly recommend your version, especially for ppl who are new to Kimchi. Thank you again for all of your videos and recipes, many many memories have been reborn through these lovely dishes. KK"
in Kimchi Making Day — Mar/14