kreezim's comments

"Hello Maangchi, I have really enjoyed learning how to make Korean food from your site! I have had several Korean homestay students live with me and I have tried to make them "home" cooked food whenever possible. One time, when I had a 12 year old Korean boy we make kimchi. It was a hilarious experience because he was on the phone to his mom getting coached about the recipe and then trying to translate it back into English for me. Ha. It turned out well BUT he forgot to translate one important step. WASH out the SALT. Yikes. We dissolved in tears when we called back the mom and she explained what had happened! Ha. Anyway, I have a quick question-Can pears be substituted for the sugar in the kimchi or is sugar pivotal to the fermenting process? Thank you for your site it saves on the often crazy "translating" problems."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Aug/11