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"So I have a week left until I’m suppose to put my blocks in a box with hay for 2 weeks and then hang another month. I have some awesome white mold growing inside my blocks, however, in my photo you can see that my blocks are drying where I can see through them. Does this mean they’re dry enough? I live in Idaho with high elevation and dryer air (but blocks hang in the kitchen that helps with adding humidity) so is it possible that it takes less time to dry for me? I lived in Korea a long time ago and their climate is similar to when I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is so not the same as Idaho. So could Idaho weather and elevation reduce my drying time or did I maybe not pack my blocks enough so I’m seeing through them? This was my worst block. My other two are a little bit see through. I know they’re doing great, but I’m just wondering if they’re maybe done and ready for the brine? Thanks!"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — May/20

"Just introduced my family to hotteok. It tasted just as good as eating it on those cold days in Korea. Thanks for helping me remember this delicious treat and having the recipe to it. Success in introducing another yummy Korean food to my family."
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Apr/20