Kthaeh's comments

"Maangchi, I have a suggestion for you. When you boil, or steam vegetables, or even when you soak dried vegetables, you don't need to throw away the water that remains. If you have any house plants, they will really appreciate this water. Many nutrients go into the water during cooking or steaming. The soil in the pots for houseplants can always use these beneficial nutrients. Just make SURE the water is cool before giving it to your plants. Don't cook their roots!"
in Chwinamul (Sautéed aster scaber) — May/14

"Oh, Maangchi, you don't need to feel sorry for our mugwort! It is definitely winning every battle. It grows so quickly that we cannot keep it out of the areas where we try to grow other vegetables. I did know of mugwort as a medicinal herb. I understood that it was not good for pregnant women, but otherwise good for women's health. It does have a very nice smell. My husband has always disliked this plant too, but now he says he is willing to try the rice cake if I prepare it for him. I will let you know if I succeed. Maangchi, we are not so very far from NYC. I would be happy to bring you some mugwort in June. We are coming to the city just for the day on the 10th. There is a bus that leaves from right near our house and goes to Port Authority in less than 2 hours. You could also take the bus to visit us, see our large garden, and take home all the mugwort you could ever want!"
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — May/14

"Maangchi, these are such surprising recipes for me! We have so much mugwort in our backyard, and we have tried for years to get rid of it. It's a terrible weed for us. I wish I had many Korean neighbors who would like to pick and eat it in the spring. That would be a great help for us. Mugwort is very aggressive and very difficult to control. I will try your recipes and maybe that will make me appreciate this plant, which I haven't liked at all until now. If you ever want to visit Pennsylvania at this time of year, I promise to give you as much mugwort as you could possibly want. Organically grown too!"
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — May/14