Kualantokoso's comments

"Hi Nora, i read your article and it says that your fernbrake is always green and your worried about not being prepared right. I lived in Korea for about four years and i spent a lot of time out in the country where i wittnessed the harvesting and preparation of the ferns. First the folks would pick the young curly shoots and fill lots of bags, carry them home and they were set out in the sun to dry. After a day or so the fern cuttings would turn brown. They would then pack them up in portion size or in a basket and hang them up in storage shed. The rest was simple usally just soak them in water untill ready for the what ever recipie they were using. As for the species im not sure about the ones in your country, but here in the United states in particular in Oregon, Upstate New York and northern parts the Korean folks go out the woods and pick bags full of these fern. Good luck let me know how it turns out."
in Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables) — Mar/20