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"There is also a location on 75th between Cactus and Peoria. It in the South West corner. 7575 W. Cactus Rd. Peoria, AZ 85381 They have a great selection of all different Asian food. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese... And their produce looks AMAZING! And you can get fresh seafood and meat. They also have a large frozen section too. If your looking for the Korean Hot Pepper Flakes/Powder, they have a really good selection. I even think they have the same kind Maangchi uses (hehe). This place is great. I HIGHLY recommend it."
in Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket — Jun/11

"I like Planet Maangchi. lol."
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"I LOVE this recipe!!! It's not very hard to make, just takes a bit of time for the dough to rise, but i did use your warm water trick. I had a hard time at first filling and sealing the buns but I got the hang of it. They steamed beautifully. I also made the sauce and it goes PERFECT with these buns!!! I will be making this recipe A LOT! Thanks so much for all the the great recipes."
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Jun/11

"I made this recipe a while ago and I LOVED it!!! I wouldn't share with anyone. I plan on making them again when my sweet tooth is calling. Thanks for the great recipe! I love the show!!!!"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Jun/11

"ah good! i have plenty of kosher salt around the house!! thanks so much for answering my question!"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Mar/10

"I was wonder what kind of salt you use in this recipe? Is it ok to use any kind of salt like kosher or sea salt or is there a specific kind that works best when making kimchi? Thank you so much for putting up this recipe! I'm so excite to try it out!"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Mar/10