lenabonsai's comments

"I made this last night. This is a very delicious recipe! I also used fresh shitake and think it turned out very good. The brine is so delicious, I don't want to discard it!"
in Dubu-jangajji (Tofu pickles) — Jan/13

"I made this tonight. It is very delicious, the black pepper gives it a different taste than other Korean foods. I don't eat meat either (besides seafood) so I just skipped the meat and added three different kinds of mushrooms (nearly 2 cups worth) towards the end of the cooking. Gives it some texture. I think cubed tempeh would also work."
in Spicy radish and beef soup (Maeun muguk) — Jan/12

"Hello Maangchi, I recently made Kimchi jjigae from this recipe (with older kimchi from your recipe ;) and it is Sooo delicious. Do you know (or does anyone else know) if it is possible to make a jjigae out of older radish kimchi? I recently purchased a jar from a Korean store to hold me over before I could make some of my own kimchi again. Sadly the stuff is really old and the smell is almost too strong to eat ;( Can I make soup from it or do something else with it?"
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Jul/11

"Hello, I am wondering about the difference in quality/taste among brands of Korean pepper flakes. When I last went to buy Kimchi ingredients the clerk advised be to buy one brand over the other because of its good taste and heavy pigment (it happened to be one of the most expensive bags there, but also turned out to be very good in kimchi et cetera). How much difference is there from brand to brand really? I know there are ‘hot’ and ‘mild’ versions of the flakes, but beyond that are there any brands/types to look for or avoid? If anyone has favorites or ones they do not recommend please, let me know! Any info will be helpful; hoping to spend less on my next large bag of pepper flakes (spent about $20 last time on a 3 lb bag). Thanks!"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Jul/11

"I went to H-Mart Lynnwood for the first time today. It is a nice Korean grocery store with everything you could want + some! The food court was really good to, at least where we ate, Taste of Korea. It was almost to bog of portions! If you are near Lynnwood and like Korean or Asian food, go there its fun!"
in H Mart — Jul/11

"I love this recipe! We love all your recipes though, you are so great to have this site too. I made this for the first time tonight and it was delicious. I subtracted anchovies because I only had the very small ones and my boyfriend won't eat them whole ( I added a couple to my bowl while the soup was still very hot ;) To make it a complete meal we added scallops and shrimp and to make it more spicy, some kimchi and kimchi juice, plus extra pepper. It was soo delicious! Thanks again for your instruction and great advice."
in Soybean paste soup with cabbage (Baechu-doenjangguk) — Jul/11