lhelinski's comments

"I leave the onion in and it disintegrates / disappears. I use one very large pot and just keep an eye on the water. It makes it harder to skim and discard the fat, unless you wait until after you put it away in containers and refrigerate. But, as long as you do the first boil, discard, and clean the pot, you'll be fine! Hope that helps!"
in Ox bone soup (Seolleongtang) — Nov/17

"I love this recipe! I've made it at least 4 times now, whenever I find good sized radishes at the Korean market or at the farmer's market. The first few times, I did not have cheese cloth, so I used the fine mesh netting bag that lemons come in. I just knotted it at both ends! The other times, I used a cloth drawstring bags made for aromatics. I think that netting or cheesecloth are better, because they let the water move through better. After lots of searching for a big jar, I settled on a large glass Fido jar. Although the mouth is a little small, it works just fine! When I keep kimchi in plastic, I find that the smell does not come out if you want to use it for other things later (I don't have a dishwasher!)."
in Dongchimi (radish water kimchi) — Aug/16