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"Congratulations!!!! You deserve all this and much more!!"
in Making bulgogi with The New York Times — Jun/15

"I'd love to make this tea but it's very hard to find good quality jujubes and pine nuts here, let alone ginseng. I wonder if it's possible to make that citron tea at home, maybe you could post a recipe some time :p"
in Ginseng jujube tea (Insam-daechucha) — Dec/13

"Oh Maangchi you are such a celebrity now!! Gonna make this for lunch tomorrow, I'm guessing it'll go great with red pepper flakes, too! How about this korean style potato salad? I would very much like that :)"
in Tuna Sandwich — Oct/13

"Maangchi, the way you explain things is so cute!! This was the first korean dish I ever cooked in my life, and it was the only non-spicy dish I knew back then to serve my kids when they were little, great seeing it done by you!"
in Beef and Radish Soup (Soegogi-muguk) — Sep/13

"Congratulations!! What a success story!! Maybe now I'll be able to get it from Brazil :) Looking fwd to it!!"
in Book Announcement! — Aug/13