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"Maangchi does sweet garlic soy sauce Korean fried chicken contains mustard? I'm a bit hesitant to add it but I do love mustard. I think I'll add it. What mustard would u recommend, normal yellow mustard like French's yellow mustard? I'm cooking the chicken tomorrow. Btw I have tried several of ure recipes like ure japchae, Dakjjim and Korean spinach salad and yangneom-tongdak and they were a hit!"
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Aug/16

"I made this recipe twice and loved it, cooked it with beef. I plan to make this for a batch of around 10 adults but plan to cook it the evening before and keep it overnight in the fridge. Will the texture of the noodles and flavour still be good? The vegetables won't turn soggy and cause the noodles to be watery right? Is it better to serve it again room temperature or cold? Thanks if uncan reply asap."
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Aug/15