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"This was very fun to make. I never realized before I dove into Korean cooking that making your own noodles would be this easy. Very yummy "
in Chicken noodle soup from scratch (Dak-kalguksu) — Feb/19

"This recipe has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. Finally I got round to do it. Turned out beautifully. Tasty and perfectly chewy and sticky... or so I hope. I really don’t have much to compare to, haha. Thank you very much fir tge recipe, I was very happy that you made one without having to use a pressure cooker since I don’t have one."
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — Aug/18

"Yes, it’s exactly like that. I have to try this :)"
in Dried shredded pollock seasoned with gochujang (Bugeopo gochujang-muchim) — Jul/18

"Woke up way to early so I descided to make kimchijeon (the one with whole leaves) for breakfast. I just might do this again ;) This is really good and probably very healthy also :)"
in Kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Jun/18

"Thank you "
in Yellow pickled radish (Danmuji) — Jun/18

"Oh my! Here in Iceland we have “harðfiskur” (hard fish) which is dried fish that has been prepared similarly as your pollock it seems. We mostly use haddock or cod. We just eat it as a snack, often with butter. Is your dried pollock a bit salty to taste when it is eaten uncooked? I’ve never ever thought of using harðfiskur in cooked meals. I wonder if I can use it instead of Korean dried pollock. Here is an example of our dried fish."
in Dried shredded pollock seasoned with gochujang (Bugeopo gochujang-muchim) — Jun/18

"Hi Maangchi. Can you store the homemade Danmuji in an Onggi, or must it be the plastic bags? I just think my Onggis are prettier ;P"
in Yellow pickled radish (Danmuji) — Jun/18

"Thank you <3 Your kimchi was the first Korean recipe I tried, never tasted it before but was very curious about it. Last weekend I was abroad and got my first chance to go to a Korean restaurant and taste (I hope) authentic Korean food, and I’m proud to say that I think my kimchi quite measures up to the restaurant one. I actually think mine was a little bit better ;)"
in Spicy stir-fried octopus (Nakji-bokkeum) — Apr/18

"Maangchi, these are amazing. Reminded me a little of the fishcakes my grandma used to make, but sweeter and more firm and elastic. I’m definitely making these again ;)"
in Fish cakes (Eomuk) — Apr/18

"I saw this and thought I just HAVE to try this. Never tried octopus before. Unfortunately I could not find nakji here, but I found the large octopus. So I probably made muneo-bokkeum (문어볶음).Since it was so big I just used half for this recipe and made octopus slices with sesame dipping sauce, muneo-sukhoe (문어숙회) with the other half. My teenagers actually fled to their rooms when they saw the raw octopus ;D but I LOVE these dishes. Soooo good. And of course served with rice and kimchi and some vegetables ;) I just love your recipes Maangchi, thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️"
in Spicy stir-fried octopus (Nakji-bokkeum) — Apr/18

"I love how Korean meals are presented, with the side dishes everything looks so pretty. Since there are just a few Korean ingredients available here I’ve ordered a lot from Amazon and eBay (I think the staff at the post office are beginning to recognize me ). Here is my jjajangmyeon, very tasty. I couldn’t find the special jjajang noodles anywhere but found instant fresh udon noodles that you only have to heat up, and think they work just fine I was also surprised by how good raw onions with a little chunjang taste."
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Mar/18

"Finally I got to trying to make Kimbap. Made three different kind; tuna, kimchi and crabsticks, and beef. Used some of your Tuna kimbap recipe but also just did the filling a little bit just how I felt to No danmuji available here in Iceland so I made my own from scratch. Unfortunately I couldn’t use your recipe since some of the ingredients are not available here. But I found another simple recipe and maybe it isn’t as good as yours, but my Kimbap turned out great. First time trying this, never even made Sushi, and I’m actually pretty pleased with myself Thank you so much for all your delicious recipes."
in Gimbap — Mar/18