Lisbon88's comments

"Despite the dubious looks my family gave while I was salting the squid, I soldiered on & was rewarded by an incredibly flavorful condiment. The first night I served a small bit with a ton of rice and your eggplant side dish and a Chinese style green bean dish. My family LOVED it. I've been eating it every day with lunch since. Thank you for yet another wonderful recipe."
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Mar/11

"Thanks for the quick response - it took me a while to try again. Your method worked beautifully. Our friends loved the bibimbap as well & now they've been turned on to this website! Looked like you had a blast doing the video with Maangchi. Thanks again Reinier."
in Fernbrake (Gosari) — May/10

"The fiddlehead ferns collected in Maine (USA) are Ostrich ferns or Cinnamon ferns. I've heard warnings of not collecting the new growth of bracken although I think that's because it looks so much like Sweet Fern, which is not a fern at all & not edible (although wikipedia says it can be smoked :-). So Fiddleheads can actually be several different types of ferns, including bracken. The fresh Maine fiddleheads (Ostrich fern) I've had taste a lot like asparagus, after the tannic/bitterish paper is removed. Given the price of fresh fiddleheads in New England asparagus might be a better choice. I have tried to soak, then cook the dried bracken I bought at a Korean market, but after HOURS of simmering it was still tannic/bitterish & hard. Should I have changed the simmering water several times? Salted it? Done something different? I'm intrigued by the idea of cooking an unfamiliar food - especially a foraged one - but I'm not sure this one is worth trying again. I've had bibimbap with a little bracken as a garnish & it was good, but maybe I can substitute soaked wakame or soaked/shredded tree ears. Similar texture & flavor but much easier. ???"
in Fernbrake (Gosari) — Feb/10

"Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes & enjoyable videos. My family has never been as fond of Korean food as I am, but they LOVE your food. This rice cake soup is now a weekly staple - with a few alterations because of allergies, but essentially the same. Happy New Year."
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Feb/10