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"oh maangchi that's so exciting!! i already have several korean cookbooks but i cannot wait to buy yours. your recipes are by far the best and remind me of my umma's cooking. congratulations! i hope it comes out soon!!"
in Book Announcement! — Aug/13

"maangchi! i made this for dinner tonight and it was really yummy :) my husband and i can't wait to eat leftovers for dinner tomorrow. i hope you post a recipe for daktoritang soon! our favorite restaurant in college made the best daktoritang and it never tastes as good when i try making it at home. i bet your recipe would be really good!"
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Nov/11

"hi maangchi! my mom makes really yummy red bean jjimppang. would this dough recipe work well with red bean paste too?"
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Apr/11

"thank you for sharing your photos! i love your travel style. everything looks delicious :) especially the tlacoyos!"
in Food, food in Mexico! — Mar/11

"congratulations! i can't wait to see what you will teach us this time ^_^"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11