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"awwwww I wish I was there"
in Taste my kimchi! — Aug/12

"what if you are in hot equatorial climate that's very humid (30-32C). can i leave it in the kitchen where its slightly cooler but no direct sunlight"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Apr/12

"I think in Malaysia it is similar to our "ulam raja" ie king's herb. The malays (who eat it the most) tend to eat it raw as a salad. It is slightly pungent but when you have it with our "sambal" (fresh chillies - any kind - pounded together with "belachan" - sun-dried fermented ground shrimp - and lime juice) its heavenly. it is a medicinal herb among others that we eat with our rice for blood circulation and bone strengthening and of course to keep looking young."
in Mugwort was waiting for me! — Apr/12

"i am from malaysia i love cooking and eating korean foods and i wud luv to win this starter kit but i am also muslim so i must have "halal" (or kosher) ingredients. do u know if the ingredients have meat based products (ie beef stock or gelatin) in them. if they do i cannot use them so i cannot enter the competition. anyway your website is amazing n have given me lots of recipes to try at home."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11