Lome's comments

"I searched for kombu or dashima but found neither... Can I use another seaweed?"
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Nov/14

"Hi Mangchi ! I tried your recipe from scratch, made my own flour (with round Japanese rice, round rice for desert and round rice for risotto... I hadn't enough of each to use only one sort) so I wasn't really sure I would make it right. I read all the comment and I found lot of answers so when I found my flour wasn't ground enough I knew it would be possible to compensate by pounding it long and hard. When I added the boiling water I saw it would be ok and I was really happy. Now my cakes are resting before I could cut it into pieces. I found it a little small but I doubt it would be a problem. I have homemade kimchi and nearly all ingredients to make army base stew. Can't wait ! My boyfriend watched the stew video while salivating greatly, he is impatient too ^^ thank you for your recipes !"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Nov/14