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"Kimchi is really very popular, delicious and healthy food."
in Kimchi Making Day — Jan/15

"I will follow the recipe and make and enjoy this delicious food."
in Meju blocks — Jan/15

"Perfect dish to make because quite delicious and simple to make."
in Little crunchy sweeties with a fiery kick — Jan/15

"I love Korean food and also grilled food."
in Hotteok — Jan/15

"Wow. Looks really fantastic."
in Korean bread rolls — Jan/15

"Excellent job. These really look delicious dishes."
in My homemade korean dishes! — Jan/15

"Great. Korean food is something that most of us love eating it. There are a variety of Korean dishes we can enjoy."
in Beef and Radish Soup! — Jan/15

"It's really fantastic. I will definitely follow your recipe to make Kimchi."
in Easy kimchi — Jan/15

"Kimchi is quite popular as well as delicious Korean food. Most people love it."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Jan/15

"I love eating Korean food."
in Jjinppang-mandu (Steamed Pork Buns) — Jan/15

"This sounds really delicious food to enjoy."
in Clam stew (Jogaetang) — Jan/15