LuccaQ's comments

"If you watch back she does say “one-third cup sugar” so 1/3 is correct."
in Pickled radish (Chicken-mu: 치킨무) — Feb/18

"It depends on the size of the cabbage. Just try getting 5lbs of cabbage and halve the recipe. There should be a scale for you to use or one that an employee can use at the store."
in Easy kimchi — Sep/12

"I'm going back and reading your Gapshida stories as I cook the different recipes that you made while on your world tour. It all sounded like so much fun. I hope one day you can make a Gapshida Part 2. Thank you for sharing you stories! They always bring a smile to my face."
in Gapshida Amsterdam — Aug/12

"Wow! Great contest! I can't wait to see your Gapshida videos too."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"FYI it's also called buttercup squash in many markets."
in Kabocha (Danhobak) — Oct/11

"I think dates (Dátil) would work."
in Danhobakbap (Kabocha with rice stuffing) — Oct/11

"What great pictures. You definitely have me in a Mexican mood now! I'm going to make some pozole this week (it's a Mexican stew). I've been hearing alot about Oaxaca lately. It's supposed to be a wonderful place to visit with some of the best food. I can't wait to see and hear more about your trip!"
in Mexico, you are so colorful! — Feb/11

"Ooooooo.... I'm so excited for the new cookbook! I'm going to rate it on Amazon now."
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"I really love this dish! I always enjoy trying a new vegetable dish. It has such a wonderful and unique flavor. The aroma kind of reminded me of some kind of herbal tea at first. Learning about how it's grown in the mountains made me think of a manhwa I read by Kim Dong Hwa. It's about a girl growing up in a small village during the olden days in Korea."
in Chwinamul (Sautéed aster scaber) — Jan/11

"Amazing Jenny! Everything looks so delicious. The pictures are beautiful and inspiring. They make me want to cook a Korean feast. Indonesia looks like a wonderful place to live or visit. It is on my long list of places to travel to. You brought all of that ojingeojeot from Singapore to Indonesia? That must have been difficult. Thank you for sharing your experience!"
in Babette’s Korean feast — Jan/11

"I just made a nice big pot of tteokguk for my New Year's meal. It is so easy and delicious! Happy New Year to all!"
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Dec/10

"Beautiful! The nice warm weather looks wonderful. Great pictures, looks like you had a great trip. Do you know where you will go next time?"
in Photos from Honduras — Dec/10

"¡Qué bueno! That video brought such a big smile to my face! Food is the best way to share cultures. I'm sure your father would be very proud of you too. Were you speaking some Spanish? I hope to hear more about your trip to Honduras."
in Dipping sauce for raw fish (Doenjang-banga) — Dec/10

"Next time you come to Toronto, and you have some extra time, let us know so maybe we can have a meet-up. I live in Buffalo,NY so Toronto is not very far. It looks like you had a nice visit."
in My short trip to Toronto — Dec/10

"Maangchi...I just noticed the santa hat on cartoon Maangchi's head. Very cute and festive! Happy Holidays!!"
in My readers’ ojingeojeot (fermented squid) — Dec/10