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"Yum! Used Yu Choi in the fridge :D Thank you maangchi it’s sooooooo good "
in Broccoli with tofu (Broccoli dubu-muchim: 브로콜리 두부무침) — Jan/21

" Yum!! Thank you, Maangchi ❤️ :D"
in Spicy, chewy, sweet & sour cold noodles (Jjolmyeon: 쫄면) — Jan/21

"Made it! But boil the syrup too long, I think "
in Crunchy Korean nut candy (Yeot-gangjeong: 엿강정) — Dec/20

"Maangchi, I made it with ground beef! Soooo good!! The recipe mix with kong-na-mool-bob ;)"
in Healthy vegetable rice bowl (Keon-gang-sik yeongyangbap: 건강식 영양밥) — Dec/20

"Just made it again as well :D :D"
in Seasoned seaweed (Gim-muchim: 김무침) — Dec/20

"Soooo gooooooood, Maangchi!"
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Nov/20

"Yum!! "
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Oct/20

"Made it again, Maangchi "
in Seasoned seaweed (Gim-muchim: 김무침) — Sep/20

"And the steamed mussels with my jjampong!"
in Jjamppong (Spicy mixed-up seafood noodle soup) — Aug/20

"Jjampong yum!"
in Jjamppong (Spicy mixed-up seafood noodle soup) — Aug/20

"Made them last night, Maangchi!"
in Spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi) — Jul/20

"Made the soup again ❤️"
in Beef and Radish Soup (Soegogi-muguk) — Jul/20

"Yum "
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Jun/20

"OMG the dipping sauce has the magic ratio! Put some grated Parmesan in the mix. Soooooo goooooood! Thank you Maangchi "
in Vegetable pancake (Yachaejeon) — Jun/20

"My fave ❤️"
in Spicy cucumber side dish — Jun/20