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"Oh didn’t have carrots "
in Gimbap — Sep/21

"Thank you, Maangchi~ :D I made kimbap again just now. Always think of you whenever I make Korean food :)"
in Gimbap — Sep/21

"Maangchi, I made it for the first time! But I don’t know why mine is too hot :( maybe it’s the kimchi I bought Couldn’t finish it. Too hot "
in Bibim-guksu (Spicy mixed noodles) — Aug/21

"Made it! Soooo gooooood, Maangchi, thank you. Made some cuke salade, too "
in Korean rolled omelette (Gyeran-mari: 계란말이) — Aug/21

"Omg love Maangchi’s shrimp porridge :D Yum yum yum!"
in Shrimp porridge (Saeu-juk: 새우죽) — Jun/21

"Yum yum! Thank you, Maangchi :D"
in Apple ssamjang dipping sauce (사과쌈장) — Jun/21

"Late at night, my first humble spinach soup. Didn’t have gochujang and clams ㅠㅠ but yummy yum yum!"
in Soybean paste soup with spinach and clams (Sigeumchi-jogae doenjangguk: 시금치조개 된장국) — May/21

in Gimbap — May/21

"Omg i made it again! Haha But it’s my last portion before going on a diet throughout the year! ;) No tteokbokki until Christmas LOL Bye from Maangchi’s ttoekbokki mania xoxo"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — May/21

"Just finished late night cooking! Wonders of 30 min marinating time in a pot. And ginger. Wow!! Thank you, Maangchi :D"
in Spicy pork stew (Dwaejigogi-jjigae) — Apr/21

"My first time. The sauce is delicious, but the squid I bought from a supermarket seems to be a different kind. It was tough. Korean ojing-o is more tender and juicy, I think :("
in Spicy stir fried squid (Ojingeo-bokkeum) — Apr/21

"Mung bean sprout na-mool :D"
in Mung bean sprout side dish (Sukjunamul-muchim) — Apr/21

"I’ve made it many times so far, it’s my veggie side dish fave!"
in Eggplant side dish (Gaji-namul) — Apr/21

"Made it! Yummy :D yum yum thank you, Maangchi~!"
in Asparagus side dish (Asparagus-muchim: 아스파라거스무침) — Apr/21

"Made it! Thank you, Maangchi~! :D"
in Sundubu-jjigae (순두부찌개) Spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi and pork belly — Apr/21