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"hi maangchi! just saw this and it looks beautiful! i would like to know more about your canned chestnuts: 1. is it water chestnuts? or can i use water chestnuts? 2. i can only find chestnuts in a bag called "roasted chestnuts" or in a jar, and there is no water in it. can i use that instead? i would love to make this soon! thank you so much! maddie"
in Danhobakbap (Kabocha with rice stuffing) — Jun/15

"hi maangchi! instead of chicken stock concentrate, can i use Chicken Bouillon powder? i don't have a rice cooker and i want to double the rice. so for 4 cups of rice how much water should i use and how long should i cook it for? thank you in advance!"
in Steamed Chicken Rice — May/15