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"Whaaa, wish i was there too. Thanks Maangchi for the uploading....i enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures, feels like i'm already there with u guys...oh maangchi can u be my older sister? lolss.......i can never get tire of watching your youtube videos....thanks so much for sharing. Have fun n safe trips!!!!"
in Gapshida Rotterdam at Reinier’s house — Oct/11

"omg, maangchi.......the minute i saw your cake, i thought if we could be friends...... i luv your cake but i live in california and i've checked many asian stores but unable to find frozen rice flour, i was wondering if i can use the thai rice flour? package that comes with three elephant head?? i hope u reply back as soon as possible, i'm very eager to make this beautiful cake of yours...."
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Aug/11