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"Hi Maangchi Before I discovered your cooking videos, my family normally cook either Indian spicy curry or Japanese curry. The different spice mix are easily available. Each has its own exotic flavor. So now I have an extra curry variety for my family's meals. Tq again for thr great recipes. ps. I cannot do without tongdak chicken, ojingeojeot and kimchi of course"
in Korean-style curry rice (Kare rice) — Sep/15

"Thank you to you, Orionflux and Mokpochica for the feedback. I now alternate cooking jjangjorim using the pressure cooker and the crock pot depending on how much time I have. However the crock pot make the meat tender in a special way and easier for me to digest. I leave the pot on medium overnight - a delicious smell greets me in the morning. Maangchi, Just to let you know my family enjoyed the meal I prepare with the recipe I learned from your site especially ojingeojoet and anything using kimchee."
in Braised beef with eggs & peppers in soy sauce (Jangjorim: 장조림) — May/15

"Hi Maangchi, I am crazy over garlic and spring onions. I was wondering, can I make kimchi with raw garlic? If so what are the complimentary veggies that I can combine with the garlic - spring onions, radish, carrots ? Thnx. Have a nice weekend to you and family."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Nov/11

"Hi Maangchi My first ojingojeot (22/12)was a success. I finished them in 2 days. Now I'm waiting for my squid to be ready (17/3) and let my sister's family have a taste. I didn't have any left for them to try the first time. They are great fans of Korean food and always enjoy the Korean dishes that I prepared. "Salty fermented squid called ojingeojeot is a side dish that you can keep it in your fridge for months and months, and enjoy it right until it runs out." - Are you really referring to the ojingojeot or the salted squid cos my ojingojeot will not last more than 2 days in my fridge. Thnx for the delicious recipe."
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Mar/11

"Hi Maangchi *Happy New Year* Can I substitute the dried root ginseng with ginseng extract instead. That's what I have presently. If so how much should I use with the chicken stuffing. Thnx."
in Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi I'm planning to cook ddeokbokki soon. What is the difference bet the two gochujang - is the packaging similar tubs? I noticed in the Korean dramas, the ddeokbokki consist of dduk and spicy sauce but looks delicious anyway. I would like to add some carrots, oyster mushroom and fish cakes. Your comments appreciated. Thnx."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi Eversince I discovered your website I've been all over the sites and going crazy reading the recipes, absorbing all the info and trying to cook them. So far I've successfully made cabbage, radish and cucumber kimchee. Also japchae, bibimbap, kimbap, Kimchee jjigae and galbi jjim. My next projects are ojingeojeot, dakkangjung, jangjorim and jjajangmyun. Can I omit ham b'cos I don't eat pork - maybe turkey or chicken or beef salami instead? Also what else can I cook with the black bean paste. Kamsa Hamnida."
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi Is samgyetang eaten during winter b'cos of the cold weather? Do you eat this on its own or with rice and other side dishes. The jujubes look like red dates(taste sweet right?). I must ask my sister to buy me some Korean ginseng during her vacation in Korea. I would like to follow exactly the ingredients that you use. I'm curious as to how it taste. Thnx."
in Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi I can never get the amount of rice for one roll of kimbap right. I normally roll the rice with crab stick, cucumber, danmooji and omellete. By the time I finish rolling, it will be as fat as a baseball bat. That star-shaped kimbap is awesome - how did they do it? Love kimchee kimbap too."
in Tuna gimbap — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi Do you think it a good idea to boil the beef using a pressure cooker? Thnx for making delicious food for us to try. All your recipes that I've tried have never fail me yet. Have a nice day"
in Braised beef with eggs & peppers in soy sauce (Jangjorim: 장조림) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi Normally I would stir-fry squid with bell pepper, onion and carrot or make Thai-style squid salad. I've never eaten raw fermented squid before but your casserole of ojingeojeot looks too delicious. Yesterday I prepared my first batch salted squid but I think I need to salt some every other week to make sure I have fermented squid at hand. I can't wait ..sigh...."
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Dec/10

"Hi Maangchi, thnx for the reply. Today I'm making radish and cucumber kimchee again. I have also fermented a batch of squid but I have to wait patiently for a month - oh boy! I've never tried the recipe bofore. Maybe I should salt more squid. I'll be back for the 3sites you've given right after I finish salting the radish and the cucumber. Have a nice day. Enjoy."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Dec/10

"You're the bomb! Love your videos. My sisters and family are on 2 weeks vacation in Korea. I'm anxiously waiting for them to come back so that I can hear their comments about the food. I've tried several of your recipes and it turned out delicious. I really enjoy preparing the recipes especially when I recall you saying "sesame oil" at the end. Just a question - what would you serve together with this kimchee : rice and ........ .A simple balance lunch or dinner that mothers prepare for their family. Thnx again."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Dec/10