medusa's comments

"Oh Maangchi, This was the BEST dish for me 3 days ago when i came down with the flu! So nourishing and heart-warming. It is such mum-food."
in Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙) — Mar/10

"Hi Maangchi, My jelly turned out well! The Chinese have a similar dish called Liang Fen and it's very peppery and spicy. It's cut into longish strips, almost like noodles, then tossed in a sauce with chilli oil, crushed sichuan peppercorns, vinegar, soy sauce, raw garlic, crushed ginger, tahini, chopped spring onion, sugar and MORE chili flakes!"
in Mung bean jelly side dishes (Cheongpomuk-muchim) — Mar/10