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"Thank you for this! I hadn't remembered what this candy was called, so I couldn't search for it. Do you know if I can make it with kokuto (unprocessed Japanese brown sugar)? I will make these with black walnuts from our trees."
in Dalgona candy with nuts — Oct/21

"Maangchi, I was thinking about what you wrote. How people in Korea used to take "soaked strained chapssal" to be ground. So, soaking was part of the tradition, right? This would reduce the phytic acid (and probably change other things), making the nutrients in the rice more bioavailable. I think rice flour is just ground up rice, right? Then the phytic acid remains, reducing the nutrients available to the body. Do you know how long people used to soak the rice grains? Do you know if there was any fermentation of the rice prior to draining and grinding? ' I have been wondering if changing cooking methods and ingredients (convenient flour, instead of soaking first) has reduced nutrients in cooking. In the US, many people got rickets and other diseases when flour was made available in the 1920s. That is why synthetic vitamin B, etc, is added to flour now. But it isn't the same. I just got Koda farms organic glutinous rice at Housework. It's delicious. I am going to try soaking and grinding (maybe with my hand blender). LOVE LOVE your recipes!!!!! I couldn't remember many names of foods I loved when my Dad (Korean) made them because he passed away many years ago. So I am super happy you decided to make this site. I bought all your books, even the old ones (some real gems in those first books!!)"
in Pan-fried rice cakes with sweet red bean filling (Bukkumi) — Oct/21