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"Hello everybody! I just wanted to show off my meju to you all, and to update my progress. To make these I used 5kg (11lb?) of soy beans, and the spare blocks are going to be used to make mejugaru, which I have not been able to find easily to buy pre-made. The blocks are 3 days old and in a wire basket hanging up, with a heated cable running underneath, and I think they will get hung up to dry properly tomorrow. The process is very enjoyable, and although it seems like a lot to do, there is time between every big step to organise the next one. I cannot wait to make the doenjang and gukgangjang, but also the mejugaru so I can make some gochujang too . Can I just please ask Maangchi, will I make the mejugaru following the fermentation on straw, then dry thoroughly and grind to flour? Also, is pet shop bought straw ok? Sorry to go off topic with the mejugaru, and if you have already answered the straw question. Thanks "
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Jun/19