Miesa's comments

"Hi Maangchi, I bought a Ttukbaegi 뚝배기 yesterday to replace an old one that had cracked. When I got home I realized it was made in China instead of Korea. Do you think it makes a difference?"
in Earthenware bowl — Nov/18

"Hi Gladysnieve, If you have a steamer you might be able to bake them that way. Just like you would Saopao. Line the bottoms with wax/ parchment/ banana leaves (whichever is available), have them arranged 1 inch or 3 cm apart and steam them with a bamboo steamer. Of if you have a metal (stainless steel or aluminum) steamer, wrap the top lid with cheese cloth (or very thin towel) and steam. The towel will help control the moisture and water droplets from dropping on your bread. Also, consider this: Maybe 1/3 cup of milk instead of the 1/2 cup and 1-2 Tbsp. of milk powder (skim milk powder) in the recipe. It's a slight modification but I imagine the steam will be adding a lot of moisture to your bread already. Let us know how it goes! Best, Miesa"
in Bread Rolls — Oct/14