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"Hi Maanchi! Kamusta? I am one of your new (but really avid) fans from the Philippines. Once i found your videos online I was hooked. I started off with your steamed egg recipe then got interested in doing all of your other dishes. Today, I invited some of my closest friends to try out cooking a Korean meal for them. I made Budae-Jjigae, Gimbap, Algamja-jorim, and some other appetizers. We had so much fun and the food came out so well. We decided that whenever we want to have Korean food from now on, we will just have it in my house and I will cook. Thank you for posting all of these great recipies and sharing your yummy food. I now always let people know who i am learning from. I just ordered your book too, to help me with my Korean food journey! Keep cooking! Much love, Mik"
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Jan/17