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"Dear Maangchi, You are my teacher in Korean food. I have tried several of your recipes like easy kimchi, pork bone soup and it was very successful. My husband loves all Korean dishes from your recipes. My cooking was horrible before I found your site. After I got married, I needa learn how to cook. One day I tried to cook some dishes but My husband and I needa order takeaway instead at the end. Today, I tried to make this Radish salad (approx. 6 cups of radish matchsticks with 2 tablespoon of salt). Basically, I just double the ingredients of your recipe. However, my raddish salad was super salty...( I didn't use Kosher Salt as yours but normal table salt instead) I have no idea why my salad became so salty......Please kindly advise!!!! With Million Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Sep/13