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"Another trip!!! Wow, a daughter...how old? How exciting. Have a safe, super-duper fab trip."
in Leaving for Mexico — Jan/11

"Thank you Maangchi for sharing your fotos, experiences, recipes, and cultural culinary history. You are an excellent teacher with full of motivation, enthusiasm, discipline, and dedication. And you are so full of heart. Truly unique! I'm trying to find a way to meet you. Keeping my eye on your blog :D With much fondness."
in Korean-Uzbek Cuisine — Nov/10

"Kimchi contest..feast!!! How exciting! Have a great time. Sad to miss it. BTW, please don't forget about us fans in LA. :D"
in New York Kimchi Contest — Jun/10

"This was the first dish i made from Maangchi's site. It was "so delicious!" I find Korean cooking to be laborous. It takes multiple steps and lots of time (like French cooking). But your step by step instruction makes Korean cooking simple, enjoyable and delicious! Thank you, Maangchi for your dedication and for sharing. BTW, gamjatang was so good...I forgot to take a foto. :)"
in Pork bone soup (Gamjatang) — Jun/10

"Thank you Maangchi! I made cha jang myun twice in 10 days. Second time, I didn't drain the oils and fats from pork. It was "so delicious". I'll be sending you a photo. You are a peach!"
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Jun/10

"You are a natural born 21st century anthropologist! Not only do you learn from the people of different cultures, you bring them a bit of Korea to them. And what better way to connect than with food that is made with so much care (Jung)?"
in Costa Rica trip: Introduction — May/10

"Maangchi, you are outstanding! I love what you do and your dedication. I appreciate your skills, ability to teach, and your services. With your help, I've become quite a cook! If you are ever in LA...I would love to meet you and cook for you. :)"
in Soybean sprout side dish (Kongnamul-muchim) — May/10