MindyGirl's comments

"THANK YOU for posting this recipe! I've been waiting patiently for this and I am going to look for live blue crabs right away to try it. I hope you have plans to plan the spicy version of raw crabs... I'm sooo looking forward to trying this - thanks again!"
in Ganjang-gejang (Raw crab marinated in soy sauce) — Jul/13

"Hi Zip, You could blanch the garlic for a minute or two before using it in the recipe. This should remove much of that raw garlic bite."
in Soybean sprout side dish (Kongnamul-muchim) — Jun/13

"Brown rice takes much longer to cook than white rice. Maybe start with brown rice that's partially cooked?"
in Sweet potato rice (Goguma-bap) — Oct/12

"The white packet is to keep the paste fresh. Don't open it, don't eat it. You can leave it in there or you can throw it out. Hope your stews turn out deelish!"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Oct/12

"Hi Maangchi! Congrats on the YouTube gig! How about "Maangchi: On the Go!" ? You could close each episode with "Enjoy my recipe, gotta go!""
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"What a great idea!"
in Pine nut porridge (Jatjuk) — Jan/11

"I would recommend adding the clams AFTER the tofu because the clams are essentially done when they open. If you added them before, they might overcook..."
in Haemul sundubu-jjigae (Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood) — Jan/11

"My favorite side dish! Thank you for posting this - I'm going to start it this weekend!"
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Nov/10

"It was so great to meet you and your readers. Taylor and I really had a wonderful evening - we're still talking about it! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see all of you again at the next L.A. Meetup!"
in Maangchi’s meetup in California, Sep.21 2010 — Oct/10

"Hi 언니! I remember eating this as a child and loving it! Thanks so much for the recipe. My fiance (who loves Korean food) thanks you too. BTW, when will you be in the L.A. area again? I would love to share a meal with you and your fans. Hope you are having a wonderful new year. 새해 복 많이 받으세요!"
in Ground soybean stew (Kongbiji-jjigae) — Feb/10