MissBlackRabbit's comments

"Oh wow this look tasty! I will try that next :)"
in Simple but delicous Goguma-bap — Feb/16

"I tried the first dish listed here, I wasn't expecting much but I'm surprised by all those side dishes. They're so quick and easy to make yet so delicious! I will try the second one next time."
in Soybean sprout side dish (Kongnamul-muchim) — Feb/16

"Wow! 마시써요! So easy and delicious! I will adapt the sauce to my tastes but that's a favorite :)"
in Eggplant side dish (Gaji-namul) — Feb/16

"I've been wanting to make homemade dumplings for a long time! Thank you for showing me the way :) Flavor was exactly like I wanted it to be. However, the leftover balls rolled in flour turned out pretty bad. They are though and too salty but I used oil for frying and not butter so I don't know why. For the soup I used the left over broth from blanching the 막갈비찜 and that's all it tasted. I'm starting to think the anchovies I got were no good. They never add anything to my soups :( I put a lot of soy sauce in the soup but it's not as good as I expected."
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Feb/16

"Oh my~~~! This was so difficult! I need to go to the gym and build up some muscles before I can knead properly. My dough turned out a bit though, I'm guessing it's because I didn't knead enough. Also it expanded a lot. So my stuffing turned out really small in comparison to the size of the dough after I cook it. The dumplings I put in my soup were at least 12-13 cm long after taking in the water (and they all open of course). I am blessed with Korean stores close by... I think I'll be buying the dough from now on ^^;"
in Dumpling Wrappers (Mandu-pi) — Feb/16

"I made these and oh my! They are AMAZING. I will definately make it again. I didn't thouroughly rinse & make an incision before boiling. I kept the boiled water to make soup after :) So the ribs were still bloody but it turned out great anyway! I had to increase the ingredients by 1/3 because I had more ribs, but I only used 2 pears. Even so, the color is much lighter."
in Makgalbi-jjim (Easy braised beef short ribs) — Feb/16

"This is my very first Maangchi recipe! Or recipe altogether. I've never really cooked but you've inspired me :) I'm 33 so it's about time I get to it! I used black and gold seeds as that's what I had lying around. It turned out great and it will add a bit of color to the golden dishes :) Question: Step1 your seeds seem to have sunked to the bottom... mine floated even after 5m of massaging. What happened there?"
in Toasted Sesame Seeds — Jan/16