Mochi's comments

"Mugwort helps to stop bleeding? I wonder if I can somehow use it to help my frequent nose bleeding...?"
in Mugwort was waiting for me! — Apr/12

"On behalf of all the Maangchi fans, may I plead for the pan-fried beef recipe PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE? It looks so delicious! Dan and Ryan are so lucky! Also Maangchi, the blanched and seasoned Broccoli... that looks delicious too! If you can also post the recipe for that, I'll be forever grateful!"
in Picnic with my readers — Jun/11

"Maangchi! You are the definition of successful for me! Doing what you love, promoting something healthy and good for people's life, meeting people that share the same passion from all over the world and exchanging ideas! In summary ~> Happy & for a good cause! OH! I almost left out, & pretty too! We should have another gathering soon! Let me know! I want to help with the planning!"
in Bev and Chuck — Apr/11