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"when i was in tashkent uzbekistan i was very surprised to find a neighbourhood full of korean restaurants. i remember having lunch at a more fancy korean restaurant there and the food was great, especially the choices of banchan they gave me! i have always theorized that a lot of the koreans may have moved from north korea to work in the former soviet union and then just stayed there after the fall of the ussr, sort of like a lot of vietnamese in places like czech/slovakia, east germany, etc."
in Korean-Uzbek Cuisine — Oct/10

"hi, i came across your site last week and have tried several fantastic recipes. your kennip recipe is amazing! i have a question regarding this kimchi recipe. sorry to sound like i am splitting hair, but toward the beginning you write 'fresh oysters', however further down when making the kimchi paste you write 'frozen oysters', does this mean that i can thaw frozen oysters for this recipe? the reason i am asking is because i would like to add oysters, but am a bit scared to use fresh ones because i dont know how fresh they may be. thanks for your time."
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Sep/10