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"Dear maangchi , I wanted to tell you that last sunday the korean embassy in egypt had a cooking competition and I joined , I won using your bolgogi recipe also pajon , althoutgh I didn't make pajon so well But I still got third place thanks to you , so thank you thank you For making me win for the first time in my life anything And for teaching me delicious korean recipes Soon I will send to you the picturesof my dishes and my friends that also follow your recipes"
in Easy bulgogi (Mak-bulgogi: 막불고기) — Dec/16

"Thanks a lot maangchi my little sister have a problem with spicy food ... and she really wanted to taste the rise cakes I am going to make her these (she just got her results and she succeed ) This will be my present for her Thanks maangchi thanks alot"
in Korean Royal court stir fried rice cakes (Gungjung-tteokbokki) — May/15

"Hi maangchi oni thanks alot for your recipes i am from egypt >>> in egypt we don't eat soybean we only feed it to animals or put it in meat to make humarger when i saw your recipe i started to grow soybean at home (i succeded ) and tried two of recipes 1- soybean soup = i like the spicy version my dad loved it ( he is kinda hard to please when it come to food ) and i tried soybean side dish definitly going to grow more soybean thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot maangchi oni"
in Soybean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) — May/15