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"Made these tonight and they were soooo quick and easy! I was suprised at how inexpensive the pollock is too. Bought a 12oz. bag for $2.39 at my local (American) grocer."
in Pollock pancakes (Dongtaejeon) — Jul/11

"Brought these to lunch today at my Korean in-laws house... they liked them, but they looked at them oddly, and said "in Korea, they do not make pancakes with tuna". They're from Seoul. Are these a regional thing?"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — Jul/11

"My husband is Korean, and my family's heritage is Lithuanian so I just love this! We've eaten pierogies with a side of Kimchi in this house before ;)"
in Korean-Uzbek Cuisine — Oct/10

"A Japanese friend of mine made these for us once. They are so yummy! Definitely looking for the kit at the market today. :D"
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Oct/10

"This post makes me smile, mainly for the mention of pierogies and kimchi in the same article. My family is of Lithuanian heritage, and my husband was born in Korea, and it's interesting how much cabbage both cultures eat. ;) Here's a photo from my husband's plate the other night after I made pierogies:"
in Dean Daderko — Jul/10