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"Thank you for this recipe. I made it tonight for my (Korean) girlfriend, and she said she liked it very much! She's vegetarian, so I used white mushrooms instead of chicken, and regular low sodium soy sauce instead of the oyster sauce - I should have read all the comments to see about combining the soy sauce with bean paste, I'll try that next time. Only thing is she said it wasn't quite like her Mom made while she was growing up, so we think next time I should add some gochuchang for a little more of a kick. Either way, I'm thrilled to be able to cook her some Korean foods she really enjoys. Thank you again!!"
in Mapa tofu — Jun/15

"I made this for the first time tonight. My girlfriend is vegan, so I made hers with the sliced mushrooms. However, she really dislikes shitakes, so I used portobellos and whites instead. Mine was made with the sliced beef. In fact, the Korean grocery store where I bought all the ingredients had pre-packaged beef that had already been thinly sliced, and even labeled "bul-go-ki". That simplified matters immensely. I did my best to follow the proportions listed for the marinade, but it tasted much to onion-y at that point. I added more of all the other ingredients to the food processor, and blended some more. Now it had too much garlic and ginger. Finally I added some more pear and brown sugar, and it tasted perfect. When my (Korean) girlfriend tasted it, she said it was perfect, that it was just like the bulgogi she remembered having growing up. She said she was *so* happy to be able to have that taste again, even after no longer eating meat. So thank you, VERY very much, for including the vegetarian alternative recipe. It absolutely made our night!!"
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Jan/15