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"Another pic"
in Mung bean sprouts — Jan/17

"Hi Maangchi - Mine turned out purple. Does that mean the sprouts were exposed to sunlight? Do you think that affects the taste. The roots also seem really long. Did I wait too long to harvest? Should I discard and start a new batch? Thanks, Mw"
in Mung bean sprouts — Jan/17

"Hi - If I am unable to water at night, can I just leave a wet paper towel on top of the beans. Will that cause mold? Thanks, Mw"
in Mung bean sprouts — Dec/16

"Hi Maangchi- Thank you for the recipe. I just made this tonight, Can't wait to try it in two days. One question, at what age do babies in Korea start eating kimchi. I would love to introduce kimchi to my 13 month old. Thanks!"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Sep/14