MYS's comments

"Beautiful! Really impressive looking food there, Mr. John Frings! Are "kimchi fries", basically kimchi over fries?"
in John Frings — May/13

"Most all of Maangchi's recipes that are adaptable for vegetarians are tasty. But, I really love sujebi (hand torn noodles), both with the spicy kimchi broth, or the mild version using vegetable broth instead of the anchovy broth. I've attempted making some of her meat dishes using meat substitutes (gardein/quorn/etc. products) and the results have been delicious. It's almost hard to tell the difference between the real thing since the strong Korean flavors mask the slightly funky tastes of the meat substitutes! :)"
in Kenneth Moore — Sep/11

"Oh wow, everything you made looks really great. Goodness, good work! :) I'm vegetarian too, and I was wondering, for the mandu did you just add more tofu in place of the meat?"
in Kenneth Moore — Sep/11