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"Costa Rican food is soo good! It's kind of heavy (lots of carbs) but they use fresh ingredients. I love the tres leches cake and if you ever get a chance, try the chocolate cake from a company called Spoon. It's a CostaRican dessert company and it is heavenly! Pops ice cream is another favorite - it's so creamy. Olla de carne is one of my favorite dishes though and even though I'm living in Playas del Coco right now and its over 90 here, I can eat that soup anyday! And while San Jose has a lot of international restaurants, there is barely any here in Coco :( As much as I love CostaRican food, Korean food is my absolute favorite and everytime I go back to the states, I fill up on my kimchi and soon doo boo. And bbq..and bibimbop. and everything else :) Such a cute blog! Definitely going to keep reading !"
in Costa Rican Food I ate — Jun/13