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"Hi Maangchi, I'm glad you make the Toran-guk, here in Malaysia we have something similar to Toran-guk. we called it masak asam batang keladi; we use the soft stem and the taro to make this dish, with pounded dried anchovies, onion or shallot, garlic and dried chilies. Bring it to boil and add in some tamarind juice or Asam Gelugur (Garcinia cambogia fruit ). Toran or Taro in Malay is Keladi. There's another type of taro and this one is big we merely called it Yam. This small taro like the one you used to make Toran-guk, usually used to make Kueh Talam Keladi or Kueh Kacau Keladi or snack similar to potato chips. I hope you can share more delicious Korean Food.... Till next time... Take care Maangchi..."
in Taro soup (Toran-guk) — Sep/15

"Hello Maangchi, Here I am stalking your blog and dreaming eating the same samgyetang I ate during my previous visit to Korea. I stumble upon your recipe and wondering how here in Malaysia, we have the same dessert as 'bukkumi'. the method were almost the same glutinous rice flour and hot water and this ingredients combine together.... shredded fresh coconut flesh, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of cooking oil. make a dough. after that you ball it up for bite size, press it using your palm and fry in hot oil. you can eat as it is or.. in the skillet bring water to boil and add sugar. let the sugar water boil down and put in the fried dough... toss until all the surface coated with sugar... yummmm... I hope I can show you a picture... P/s: by the way I love those ribbons... cute..."
in Pan-fried rice cakes with sweet red bean filling (Bukkumi) — Aug/15