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"Enjoy your trip to Mexico! I'm from El Paso, Texas, which is right on the border with Mexico (you can see Mexico and Juarez from the town), and there are a lot of Korean people there and even a few Korean restaurants there. Something I commonly see served there is a side dish made with jicama. Jicama (pronounced he-ka-ma) occurs really frequently alongside chayote in fruit salads in Mexico. I'm not sure the jicama side dish is quite as strong as radish kimchi (I just made some from your older cookbook this weekend!), but it's spicy and plays off of the jicama's natural sweetness. Maybe you will have the chance to taste some jicama while you are in Mexico! There is a spicy Mexican fruit salad made with chamoy you should try too, if you get the chance! Stay safe down there!"
in Chayote kimchi — Jan/20