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"Hi Maangchi: I really did missed your recipes. I was hoping you can send me your latest through my e-mail. II was watching one of my on line Korean drama when I saw this Persimon Kimchi.. There plenty of persimon right now, and I would like try it. The napa kimchi I learned from you is just always present in our every day meal. Can you please provide us with the Persimon recipes? More power to your exciting recipes."
in Ponytail kimchi (Chonggak-kimchi) — Feb/12

"Korean Foods and other mixing products are not very much available in our country. For that, I have to make use of my own. Can you specifically, show us the components in making doenjang?Hope you can assist. Thanks."
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Jun/11

"WOW! What an amazing experience we had last Sunday. I was able to make the above recipes, and we did enjoyed it very much. Instead of pork/beef,(which I also make from the original recipe) I also make it with small(very tiny) shrimps. Both were just a success. Sometimes, I like making experiments with food., and the original recipe is always a great help."
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — May/11

"Tried this recipe. gave us full stomach. Really good. We'll do it again. Thanks Maangchi"
in Skewered pancakes with vegetables and beef (Pasanjeok) — May/11

"Wow! This recipe has to be included on my menu. Seemed so very different from my other chicken recipes. Surely, this will be a great surprise to my son as he loves chicken very much ."
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — May/11

"Tangsuyuk will be a great preparation for the coming of my son who is working out of town and comes home every 6 months. This recipe is something to put on my menu when he comes home next week. Very well explained. I'm sure I can make this successfully to attract the picky taste of my son. The mere fact that he loves beef and chicken. I'm gonna make sure I have this . Again, thanks to you Maangchi."
in Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork: 탕수육) — May/11

"Kimbap is the best preparation I used to make especially when we have picnics. Since avocado is a seasonal fruit, I use ripe mangoes as they are always available whole year round. My recipe only include crabs. So, for next time I would like to try with tuna as well. How about that? I got another recipe from you. Thanks a lot. Really you are a great help Maangchi. Your column is something that I have been spending the whole day, making notes and copying your recipes for my file."
in Tuna gimbap — May/11

"Making dumpling is also one of my favorite. In fact, I make my own mandu. The filling is another record for my recipe as this is another new kind. Thanks to dear Maangchi. You're such a great help. I am still following more on your recipes. Thanks a lot."
in Mandu (Dumplings) — May/11

"Since I hate plastic when placing hot things, I use banana leaves, it adds more pungent smell to the sticky mixture. I find it good as well. would you try ? This recipe is loved by everyone. Since one of my daughter doesn't eat so hot, I have to lessen the dosage of chili. Another recipe that adds to my record."
in Sweet crispy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — May/11

"Thank You Maangchi. I did enjoy this mak kimchi. The instruction is very easy to follow . I changed squid to oysters (the very small ones) and it did really go good to your recipe. I am still reading some more, and really have such a great moment while following your instruction. Surely everyone feel the same See me in some more of your features. Thank you........"
in Easy kimchi — May/11

"Dear Maangch As this this is my first time to see your column, may I know the past recipes you have shown ? Actually, I am already expert in making kimchi like napa, radish and cucumber. In fact, I never out of them. If not, I just better follow on to your next recipe. Hope to see you soon."
in Cooked radish side dish (Muwoonamul) — May/11

"Since cooking is my very best hobby, I would like to share some that I may know . One best that I like is Korean food. I have tried some for which I did them successfully and even serve them during parties and gatherings This latest one from your recipe, I did made and the kids love it so much. I made some pork bbq and made the cooked radish as side dish. I don't have to make separate dippings. Our meal just did finished satisfyingly!"
in Cooked radish side dish (Muwoonamul) — May/11