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"Had my dinner with this recipe, and its Yummylicious! But, I'm a bit hesitant to say if its the same bugeoguk, thats because I didnt use bugeo, but dried squid instead. After reading this recipe and seeing the video this morning, well, I get a litte excited and rushed to my nearest grocery store to buy all the necessary ingredients, everything was perfect except they run out of radish and didnt have dried pollock. To be honest, I searched for dried pollock at the dried food section for around 20 minutes and then spend around 10 minutes figuring how am I going to make bugeoguk without it. I never had it before, so its kinda hard to imagine substitute. In the end, I took the dried squid and some carrots for radish substitue. During my childhood, I used to call radish as white carrot. All the rest, I follow religiously with an addition of some ginger (I love ginger) and at last, with such wonderful recipe, my soup turned out great! It tasted delicious and I get a hint of wine, like when my mother used to cook crab soup or chicken soup, she always add some cooking wine. Hot soup with rice and some kimchi, mmhmmmmm! I believe the original one will taste much much MUCH delicious!"
in Dried pollock soup (Bugeoguk) — Jun/10