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"Mine turned out like yours too, I wonder why. I followed the measurements and instructions exactly. I'm thinking it might be because the mozzarella melted and combined with the batter while baking in the oven instead of melting in its own space. As I don't see any stringy melty mozzarella when I slice one open, just like yours. As to how to solve this.. I have no clue :( change a brand of mozzarella?"
in Egg bread (Gyeran-ppang: 계란빵) — Apr/16

"Hi Maangchi! I'm wondering if you have a recipe for spicy garlic braised pork ribs? It uses pear too, and the sauce looks red like kimchi/gochujang. I saw a short clip of it on What Shall We Eat Today and is dying to find out how to cook it. You're my go-to for Korean recipes so your site was my first stop. Tried googling for it but found nothing too. Do you have the Korean name for that dish?"
in Makgalbi-jjim (Easy braised beef short ribs) — Aug/15

"Hi Maangchi! I'm here to thank you for this great recipe. I made this for dinner and it was still very crispy and crunchy after it was cooled. A definite keeper! <3 thank you very much! I removed all the seeds from the dried chillies and after taste testing I realize there wasn't enough heat. So I added hot pepper flakes to the sauce. Gave the dish a even redder colour too."
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Feb/14

"Hi Maangchi! I made these twice and both times my buns grew cute and big in the steamer and then after I opened the lid, rough hard yellowish spots appear on the surface of the buns. Looked like my buns had yellow rashes. I have the same steamer as yours except my lid is glass so I can see what's in there. I followed your directions to leave one inch gap between each bun and away from e sides of the steamer. :( I tried googling what's wrong and I came across people saying to prevent blemishes, open the lid quickly to prevent water droplets from dripping onto the buns. I did that, had blemishes. and I even cover the lid with a cloth to collect all the water droplets for one batch, didn't work. I placed dry cloth on the buns another batch and they still have blemishes. So I tried placing a parchment paper on top of the buns and also wrap a cloth around the lid. Still the same. Any idea what's wrong? :( I really want to make the good looking buns on top of them tasting great. If not I will be the only one eating these delicious babies :("
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Nov/12

"oh gosh!! I hope I hope I hope I'm one of the twenty lucky people! I absolutely LOVE korean food and love making them myself but not often can I find all the ingredients needed. I'll be even happier than winning a lotto haha! <3 love your personality and videos Maangchi! Thanks for your effort!!! :D"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Hey Maangchi!! I've tried your hoddeok recipe again and I'm back here to share the joy of my success!! This is my second attempt and god, it sure is awesome! I've found out what went wrong thanks to BxlSprout and Reinier :D I used instant yeast instead of dry yeast and through google, I find that less of instant yeast is to be used as compared to dry yeast, and there's no need for warm water :D the hoddeok dough is chewy and there's a very fragrant prata taste to it haha!! (look up roti prata if you haven't tried one, it's as sinful as it's yummy) On top of the cheese and traditional filling, I've made one with nutella (as suggested by one of the comments in your youtube video). They're all delicious and I'm now bloated from eating 3 of them! Thanks a lot Maangchi, for sharing such a great Korean recipe with us :) Rene"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Mar/11

"Hey Maangchi! :D seeing those delicious looking hoddeoks made me want to try this so much!! I followed exactly the amounts and the time given in your recipe and found that the dough of hoddeok has a beer taste. Could i reduce the amount of yeast or the time taken for it to rise? And i guess I was too greedy trying to overstuff those hoddeoks haha. A couple of them exploded! >.<"
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Feb/11